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Hip Dysplasia Infographic


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What is hip dysplasia?

The hip joint is made up of a ball and socket; the femoral head of the thigh bone (femur) is the ball and the acetabulum of the pelvis is the socket. Loose ligaments around the joint...
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Celebs face with 'hip' issues

Health promotion charity, Healthy Hips Australia have just released findings, from a survey they conducted in February this year. 644 people responded to the survey, sharing their experience with hip dysplasia and shockingly, only 52% of respondents had heard of the condition before...
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Swaddling banned? No, just be hip wise.

  11202654_1095749143809420_6309629256569416264_n   We learn on the job as we go; parenting has been my toughest 'job' that's for sure. We try our best, rely on gut instinct, but most of us also like to know what the ‘experts’ are saying. It's...
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