Let’s Talk Hips


Let's talk hips. What is the fuss about hip dysplasia?

Despite approximately 11 infants a day being diagnosed with hip dysplasia in Australia, and it being the most common abnormality in newborns in the world (yes, the world), awareness levels for the condition remain low. Only 57%* of parents, with a child diagnosed with hip dysplasia, have heard of the condition prior to diagnosis.

‘Overwhelmed’ is the most commonly expressed emotion, from parents, when asked how they felt following the diagnosis. This is frequently followed by guilt – feeling guilty that they feel sad and upset, as after all, there are far more serious conditions than hip dysplasia.

(*March 2018 Healthy Hips Survey Results from 1000 respondents).

What can you do to help?

Are people impacted by a non-life threatening condition not worthy of support? Is a condition not worthy of awareness, because it isn’t life-threatening?

If you answered “NO!”, then donate to Healthy Hips Australia to help make a difference:

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What is Healthy Hips Australia doing about this?

Since being established in 2015, Healthy Hips, a fully volunteer run and registered not for profit organisation, has been working to improve awareness and support for hip dysplasia.


  • Hip dysplasia Toolkit – available on the Healthy Hips website, this is full of factual and practical information from diagnosis through to treatment.
  • Handouts – a number of topics are covered from equipment, to clothing and sleep; these are tips and suggestions from other parents.
  • Information Record Booklet – remembering the treatment protocol and follow up can be challenging when there is a lot going on; this resource gives you a dedicated place to jot down important phone numbers, appointment and recommendations.

  • Local Buddy Network – if you prefer face-to-face support, we can connect you with others impacted by hip dysplasia (be it families, other teenagers or adults too).
  • Online Support Network – online peer support groups are available for each state/territory, for families of children with spica cast, for parents of older children 4+ and for adults living with hip dysplasia.
  • Equipment For Hire – a partnership with Hire for Baby, is helping parents to access hip dysplasia-friendly equipment to make the treatment period more manageable.

Awareness & Advocacy

  • Healthy Hips Kits for DDH Kids – these information packs help guide newly diagnosed families to the organisation.
  • Hip dysplasia Infographic – this resource has been developed to improve community knowledge about the risk factors for, and potential signs of, hip dysplasia.
  • Healthy Hips Week – this annual hip dysplasia awareness week, has been held in April since 2016.
  • Hip Wise – launched in April 2018, this community service program aims to aid consumers, especially parents and parents-to-be, as well as older individuals living with hip dysplasia, to make wiser choices about the products they select with respect to healthy hip development and maintenance.

The Love To Dream Hip Harness Swaddles have been approved as Hip Wise.


Our Wish List

We are a volunteer run organisation and reliant on community support. You can help achieve this:

  • Healthy Hips Support CoOrdinators in each state/territory, to increase the reach of our support and awareness initiatives.
  • In-hospital support service, for families of children facing surgical treatment for hip dysplasia. This is to better aid their preparation for, and adjustment after surgery.
  • Expanding the amount of equipment we have available for loan, through our Hire Equipment partnership with Hire for Baby.
  • Implementation of a hip dysplasia health promotion campaign in the community, which we have drafted,  to increase awareness for the condition.
  • Support for Australian Researchers into the diagnosis, treatment and surveillance of hip dysplasia across the life span; advocacy for and facilitation of funding toward this.

Donate to Healthy Hips Australia to help make a difference:

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