About Hip Dysplasia

Mission & Vision

Healthy Hips Australia aims to increase the availability and accessibility of resources, education and support for people working with and impacted by hip dysplasia.

How You Can Help

Help spread the word, become a Corporate Sponsor or join one of our working parties. These are just some of the ways you can help.

Services & Resources

Find tips to help cope with practical day to day activities during treatment. Read about hip dysplasia stories. Connect with others affected by the condition.

About Hip Dysplasia

Up to 1 in every 50 babies are being treated for hip dysplasia in Australia currently. Yet many parents have never heard of the condition until the diagnosis and are left overwhelmed and bewildered.


Signs & Symptoms



Personal Hip Dysplasia Experiences


‘Overwhelmed’ is an emotion commonly expressed after a diagnosis of hip dysplasia is received. Feeling alone, if no one around you has had experience with hip dysplasia, as well as feeling guilty, given this isn't a life-threatening condition, are also commonly reported.

We’ve included the following personal experiences from others impacted by hip dysplasia, to hopefully show you are not alone in your feelings.

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