Kacey’s DDH Story

Kacey's DDH Story


We are day two post op, and there are some things I have realised:

1.Two tops and a couple of singlets is plenty to pack.
2. While they sleep, run and get a coffee and take five. Also, sleep while they sleep, otherwise you will look like you have been sleeping in a wildlife park, fighting off lions, and making a shelter with sticks (not the glamping kind).
3. Be friendly with your neighbours, two other parents in our room have been a god send; I borrowed a charger, we got each other coffee and swapped mags.
4. PACK food, PMH is like being incarcerated, you don't want to be here and the food, well there is none unless you have endless supplies of cash for what I call roadhouse food.
5. Be prepared for the poop explosion of all poop explosions, and yes from words of the plaster room nurse, "you will get shit on your cast"; so take shares in a baby wipe company as they are going to be your best friend, well at least they will be mine for 12 weeks.
Above all else laugh, even when you want to cry...laugh 😂.

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Written: May 2017


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