Hipster Skele’s Message

Hipster Skele’s Message


Thanks for popping over to check out Hipster Skele’s message. November 2nd is Healthy Hips Day – a day to wear green, donate & talk hips to help stop late diagnosed hip dysplasia!


Why is this important?

Approximately 11 children a day are diagnosed with hip dysplasia in Australia, and the incidence of late diagnosis is rising.

Late diagnosis means longer treatment, often months of restricted movement in a brace or plaster cast, a greater chance that painful, invasive surgery will be needed, and a higher risk of complications. All of which can, in many cases, be avoided if hip dysplasia is diagnosed and treated in the first few months of a baby’s life.

Awareness and education are key to stemming this trend. Healthy Hips Australia’s Healthy Hips Day aims to increase awareness of hip dysplasia, so that no child need unnecessarily face lengthy and painful treatments. For more information about hip dysplasia see our Hip Dysplasia Toolkit.

Together We Can Make A Difference!

By talking about hip dysplasia we can:

  • prepare new parents for a possible diagnosis and support them throughout treatment,
  • reduce risk factors that contribute to the development of hip dysplasia, such as tight swaddling, and
  • reduce the incidence of late diagnosis.