Personal Hip Dysplasia Experiences

Hip Dysplasia Experiences

‘Overwhelmed. Alone. Guilty.’


‘Overwhelmed’ is an emotion commonly expressed after a diagnosis of hip dysplasia is received. Feeling alone, if no one around you has had experience with hip dysplasia, as well as feeling guilty, given this isn’t a life-threatening condition, are also commonly reported.

In recognising this, we’ve included the following personal experiences from others impacted by hip dysplasia, to hopefully show you are not alone in your feelings. There are some tips to be gleaned and moments of joy shared, highlighting how often we underestimate our resilience in coping with the challenges of this condition.

Please note that every journey is unique so experiences and treatment paths vary; no two journeys are the same. We’ve shared these stories to give insight into life with hip dysplasia. These are personal stories and some views expressed may not be supported by Healthy Hips Australia.



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Sarah’s Story





Sam’s Story




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Sophie’s Story




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Belinda’s Story




Correctio harness




Jacinda’s Story




More stories are available here.

We welcome you to send us your story and some photos to go with it. When writing your story, we encourage you to include the following:

  • How and when the diagnosis was make
  • Feelings at the time of diagnosis
  • Treatment received
  • Tips to manage with the day-to-day challenges faced during treatment
  • Words of encouragement

We will review stories prior to posting on the website. Please be patient as it can take some for us to review and upload all the stories.