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Hipsleepers - Jessica's DDH Story

My hip dysplasia journey is much the same as thousands of other families in Australia and around the world.  My husband and I had a beautiful new baby girl who happened to have two clicky hips when she was...
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When people meet Addelyn, the first thing they comment on is her beaming smile. It hasn’t faded despite her past four months. 

Adde was 6.5 months old when, while handling her, we became conscious of a clunking sound and feeling. We thought we were imagining it, especially considering...
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Kacey's DDH Story


We are day two post op, and there are some things I have realised:

1.Two tops and a couple of...
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Matt's Hip Dysplasia Story

On day 3 after I was born, I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both legs, with the left hip being dislocated; so, I went straight into a Pavlik harness (which has a high success rate if diagnosed early). Yet after the prescribed...
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