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Kacey's DDH Story


We are day two post op, and there are some things I have realised:

1.Two tops and a couple...
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Matt's Hip Dysplasia Story

On day 3 after I was born, I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both legs, with the left hip being dislocated; so, I went straight into a Pavlik harness (which has a high success rate if diagnosed early). Yet after the prescribed...
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MJ Hippy Covers- Megan's DDH Story

14543706_873930999374399_4447335498329107882_o My name is Megan, I live in Karratha WA. I started MJ Hippy Covers because I know all too well the discomfort of wearing a brace, and the chafing it can cause. 16195035_961355817298583_6078208512231796899_n Read more

Renée's DDH Story

11198740_10153116811269300_836065300_n During pregnancy Levi was a stubborn little thing, and despite my best efforts he found a comfortable spot and stayed there. Unfortunately his comfy spot was in the 'frank breech' position, which means he was bottom down with his legs extended up around his...
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