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Early versus late diagnosed hip dysplasia stories

 Both are equally as overwhelming, and each pose their challenges, but we know which we'd choose if we were faced with one or the other.

Late Diagnosis Case: 11291854_10152865831193639_1035218738_n Jem was diagnosed late at 13mths of age. Her birth was normal, she sat,...
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PAO Surgery for hip dysplasia - Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO)

The hip joint is made up of the ball (head of the femur / thigh bone) and socket or cup (acetabulum part of the pelvis) . If these don't fit together properly, wear and tear can cause the joint...
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Swaddling warning warranted

A warning against swaddling tends to provoke a response that is dismissive of the professionals raising the warning, as after all recommendations are changing all the time...right?

As a parent, health professional, advocate for hip dysplasia,  and Founder of Healthy Hips Australia, I endorse swaddling warnings about...
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