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Mini milestone for Healthy Hips Australia


One year ago, instead of returning to work as an occupational therapist in brain injury rehabilitation, which was my area of passion before having my girls, I decided to do something about the lack of hip dysplasia awareness, support, and education in Australia. Armed with a background in occupational therapy and the personal experience as a mum of two with the condition, I conducted a survey to see whether the DDH community shared my view that something needed doing. The answer was a resounding yes, with over 350 responses within a 2-week period. The results confirmed my thoughts:

67% felt, on day 1, at best minimally informed about the DDH diagnosis

I cannot believe it's been a year already. The first six months was spent buried in paperwork, registering Healthy Hips Australia (HHA), and applying for charity status; I never knew there were so many forms. Building the website, DIY style, and developing the resources we have today were labours of love. A fantastic board of directors, who volunteer their time to help guide the continued development of the organisation, formed during this time as well.

The past 12 months have flown by. Sometimes I think I'm crazy to start this with two toddlers, but the girls are my inspiration for HHA and I'm really passionate about seeing our vision become a reality.  I have only just cast that stone, but I hope that over time the ripples multiply with your support.

2016 Goals for Healthy Hips


Our mission is to increase the availability and accessibility of resources, education and support for people working with and impacted by hip dysplasia. We need your support to achieve this; please consider donating, sponsoring, or volunteering your time to the mission today.

We need your support to achieve this


  • Expand the range of topics covered in the tips & hints handouts
  • Develop and disseminate information brochures to complement the signs & symptoms and safe swaddling flyers
  • Make available, for hire, hip friendly equipment and toys

Education & Awareness

  • Launch a national safe swaddling awareness campaign to further the reach of our current online awareness efforts
  • Host the first ever Australian Healthy Hips Week to highlight awareness for hip dysplasia
  • See HHA posters in every children's hospital and private orthopaedic clinic in Australia to ensure we can connect with every person impacted by hip dysplasia who is in need of support
  • Host a hip dysplasia education day for community based health providers


  • Increase our online presence and explore connecting with families in need via online methods
  • Facilitate social catch ups
  • Develop and implement a formal support network that meet the needs of the hip dysplasia community



I hope these goals excite you as much as they do me. They may be achieved too late for many of you to benefit from them, but they'll make the journey that little bit easier for future DDH families so please consider making a donation today.

I'm looking forward to the next 12 months and would like to thank you in advance for getting on board in any way that you can to support the cause.

x Sarah



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