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Spica Cast Tips by Katie

Three weeks in the spica, three weeks to go.

Neve has adjusted really well following her procedure, however it has certainly been testing at times. For some reason I thought the spica was going to steal away our beautiful happy baby, but...
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10 Things All Parents Need To Know

1 in 6 newborns have some hip instability at birth.

Up to 1 in 50 babies are being treated for hip dysplasia in Australia.

Late diagnosis is climbing.

This has to change.

  #1 Hip...
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Support for rural hip dysplasia patients

  11954664_980625915321744_5432350845482701057_n   More support for rural hip dysplasia patients is a challenge; we'll admit that. Australia is a big country, with many people living outside of the major capital cities, making access to specialist care for hip dysplasia difficult. The Healthy Hips Australia aim, is...
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"My child's DDH treatment is finished - now what?"

We get variations of this question asked quite frequently. Every journey is different. Treatment type and duration vary, as do the recommendations for what is safe to do, and what not to do, once treatment is over.

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