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"My child's DDH treatment is finished - now what?"

We get variations of this question asked quite frequently. Every journey is different. Treatment type and duration vary, as do the recommendations for what is safe to do, and what not to do, once treatment is over.

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Surviving DDH – A dad’s perspective


Finding out your child has hip dysplasia can be just as hard on the dads as it is on the mums. A lot of the online DDH support networks are full of mums, which sometimes makes dads, feel out of place when they seek support.

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The day-to-day challenges of managing during treatment are completely different with older children.

Early diagnosis yields the most favourable outcome for hip dysplasia. So it's not surprising that the focus of hip dysplasia (DDH) diagnosis and treatment is on the 0-2 year-old age bracket. Unfortunately, late diagnosis still occurs...
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