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PAO Surgery for hip dysplasia - Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO)

The hip joint is made up of the ball and socket. If these don't fit together properly, wear and tear can cause the joint to deteriorate.  When hip dysplasia is affecting the socket, the PAO is the most common procedure for young adults. The following provide further...
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Swaddling warning warranted

A warning against swaddling tends to provoke a response that is dismissive of the professionals raising the warning, as after all recommendations are changing all the time...right?

As a parent, health professional, advocate for hip dysplasia,  and Founder of Healthy Hips Australia, I endorse swaddling warnings about...
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It’s ‘that time’ again – review time.

hipxray After being on a healthy hips journey for my two girls, for just under six years now, you’d think I’d be used to it, but I’m not. Our journey has not been as challenging as some, but not as fast as...
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