Spica Essentials

Spica Essentials

Faced with surgery for hip dysplasia? These resources will hopefully help make the time in the Spica cast a little bit easier:


Helpful Equipment


Spica Chair/Table: these specifically designed activity tables are great for children roughly 12mths-4yrs.

Bean bag: an alternative position to sit when playing.

Scooter board: a fun way to get mobile around the home for spica kids ~12 months and older.

Trikes & Ride-ons: trikes and low to the ground ride-on toys are great fun. Look for a flat seat base, make sure the harness can be secured for the trike and getting a ride-on where there feet touch the ground will enhance their mobility.


Stroller/pram/wheelchair for older child: for getting out on foot or at the shops this is a sanity saver. You can have your pram set up reviewed by the occupational therapist at the hospital. Enquire about access to a self propelling wheelchair at your pre admission appointments to make sure you can access one when needed or organise to hire one if required.

Baby carrier: to save mum and dad's arms, and for cuddles.

Spica friendly carseats: these need to have low to no sides, a seat that isn't too deep and age appropriate. NO DIY modifications are legal, you must see an allied health professional to have your seat (or a hire seat) reviewed if you need some padding out.

Portable booster seat: great for sitting when out and about.


Highchair: it really makes a difference to be able to all sit up at the table together when trying to keep things as normal as possible during treatment. Highchairs with open sides are necessary and trialling, once in the spica, before buying or hiring is recommended.


Healthy Hips Australia developed a series handouts, for parents, from parents who've been through a hip dysplasia journey of their own. You'll also find an Information Record Booklet to make notes at all your appointments.

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Wonsie Australia

Wonsie Australia's aim is to provide a product that families need to help make daily life a little easier.

The sizes of their Wonsies start where most brands finish and help maintain a warm layer under clothes.

Healthy Hips Australia has joined the affiliate program of Wonsie Australia as we think their products could be a great clothing solution for spica kids. We will also receive 5% commission from sales made by people entering the Wonsie Australia website from our unique link. Win win. So if you decide to buy a Wonsie, be sure to enter via the link below:

HHA Link to Wonsie Australia

Spica Life

Spica Life's mission is to give parents beginning life with a baby in a spica cast the tools and resources they need to confidently care for their baby, and quickly redefine their "normal". 


Bridget & Kyle developed some fantastic video resources after their daughter, Londyn was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in 2015.

Visit Spica Life

Cast Life

Written by a parent for other parents, Cast Life provides explanations of this common condition, outlining the various treatments involved, and detailing what life may be like for you and your child in a cast; Cast Life also deals with the emotional side of DDH.


Okee App

A medical imaging appointment can be a bit daunting for everyone. The Royal Children's Hospital developed this app in the hope that through the games and information, you and your family will feel more comfortable with everything that will happen at your appointment.

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Comfort Kids Program - RCH

This Royal Children's Hospital program has a toolkit for families and resources for kids to help with preparing for anaesthesia and pain management.

More Information

International Hip Dysplasia Institute 

Our friends at the IHDI have some great pages,  full of helpful information:


Visit Site

You Are Not Alone

Want to meet up with a family nearby, or chat with families from the same hospital/specialist? Join you local group today:

Western Australia

South Australia & the Northern Territory


New South Wales & the Australian Capital Territory 



Written: February 2017, revised June 2021.


This information is intended to support, not replace, discussion with your doctor or healthcare professionals. Every effort is made to ensure this information is up to date, accurate and easy to understand. Healthy Hips Australia accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies, information perceived as misleading. This can be reproduce with acknowledgement to Healthy Hips Australia. Handouts are available to download free of charge at www.healthyhipsaustralia.org.au

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