Hip Dysplasia Words

Acetabulum 'Socket' part of the pelvis (hip bone)
Abducted/adducted Abduct is to move away from and adduct is to move towards the middle point of the body
Bilateral Both hips affected
DDH Developmental dysplasia of the hip
Developmental Might not be present at birth but can present at some stage during childhood; related to growth of hip joint in line with rest of the body
Dislocated The ball is completely outside of the socket
Dysplasia The ball and socket do not fit together in their normal position through lack of growth
Femoral Head* Ball shaped top of thigh bone
Femur* Thigh bone
Instability The ball and socket is not being held together sufficiently by the loose ligaments
Lax* Loose
Orthopaedics The medical specialty hip dysplasia is treated under which focuses on bones and joints
Osteotomy Surgical procedure to reshape/repair either the ball or the socket
Reduction Closed — ball and socket repositioned to normal position by specialist without surgery required. Open — surgical intervention required to reposition the ball and socket to normal position; necessary if tissue is in the way
Subluxated The ball will move in and out of the socket but still rest partially within the socket
Ultrasound* A technique which uses high-frequency sound waves to build up a picture of soft tissue and organs in the body
Unilateral One hip affected
X-Ray* A techinique which uses very low-dose radiation to image parts of the body, especially useful for imaging bones


Further explanation of frequently used terms can be found on the steps charity website (steps-charity.org.uk).

(*) Sourced from aforementioned website.