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Why Donate To Healthy Hips Australia?

While Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) is a common condition, there is limited awareness of it in the community. Parents are often surprised when their children are diagnosed, many have only heard of the condition in dogs, and sometimes the signs and symptoms are missed and the condition goes undiagnosed.

Compounding this, parents are often unaware of the simple things they can do to reduce the risk of the condition developing.

This is a concern as hip dysplasia can result in months — and in some cases years — of medical treatment, and when left undiagnosed, is one of the leading causes of early-onset arthritis of the hip.

Our priorities and goals outline the specific initiatives that Healthy Hips Australia is pursuing.

Donate Today


Fundraising is a great way to support Healthy Hips Australia, while also raising awareness of hip dysplasia (DDH).

Events can take many forms. You can organise an event with your family and friends, mum’s group, play group, school or work. You can get creative and think outside the box or go with a favourite, such as a morning tea or cake stall.

Your fundraising efforts directly support our goals and help us increase the availability and accessibility of resources, education and support for people working with and impacted by hip dysplasia (DDH).

We’re a registered charity, so donations over $2 are tax deductible. If you have any questions or require further assistance please email us.

Healthy Hips Australia must approve all events hosted on our behalf.


Together We Can Make A Difference

Corporate sponsorship is welcomed and tailored to suit your business.

Sponsorship opportunities exist for:

  • the development of parent supports and resources
  • promotion of awareness campaigns relevant to hip dysplasia
  • facilitating courses for health professionals

Please contact us to discuss. If sponsorship is not for you, there are other ways you can help, so please get in touch to have a chat.

Spread The Word


Sadly, the incidence of hip dysplasia appears to be on the rise due to preventable factors such as newborn swaddling / wrapping products and baby carriers that doesn't allow for natural hip positioning. Learning safe ways to swaddle and purchasing hip-friendly wraps, baby wear and toys is important.

By increasing awareness of this condition,  providing education and training opportunities for health professionals and encouraging research opportunities, Healthy Hips Australia aims to help reduce the number of unnecessary cases of hip dysplasia, while supporting those affected by the condition.

You can help by sharing why you've supported our organisation and the knowledge you've gained from us.



Help Us Step Towards Awareness

Interested in volunteering with HHA? 

Whether it’s a one-off event, joining a working party or offering us your skills or experience in a certain area, we’d love to hear from you!

What do you need to do to be a HHA volunteer?

There are some general health and safety policies and procedures you’ll need to get acquainted with prior to jumping on board as a volunteer. Depending on what you are helping us with, you'll need to agree to some other HHA specific policies; these are designed to make it a pleasant time for all involved.

For more information check out the other pages under this section or contact us and we'll gladly be in touch.

One Off Event / Task

Working Parties

Specialist Skills



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Mission & Vision

Healthy Hips Australia aims to increase the availability and accessibility of resources, education and support for people impacted by hip dysplasia.

Services & Resources

Find tips to help cope with practical day-to-day activities during treatment. Read hip dysplasia stories. Connect with others affected by the condition.

Education & Training

Learn about hip dysplasia causes, diagnosis and treatment. Find out about professional development courses for health professionals.