Hip dysplasia buddy network

Hip dysplasia buddy network

Being able to meet up face-to-face with others impacted by hip dysplasia, can make it easier to realise you are not alone on your hip dysplasia journey. Maybe no one in your family, or friendship group, knows what it is like to face a hip dysplasia diagnosis. Perhaps you don't want to burden them with your 'new' reality (or ongoing reality); as they too have their own health conditions.

Connect with others in your region, and benefit from the lived experience of others on the same journey as you. Just speaking to someone who knows what hip dysplasia is can make the world of difference. You can choose to be connected with other parents, other teens, or other adults on their own hip dysplasia journeys; this isn't just a support network for parents of babies with hip dysplasia.

As this is a new initiative please be patient while we connect you to others in your region. You might find, until we have a few people sign up, the distance between you makes a quick cuppa tricky, but given time we will find people closer by for you to connect with.


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