How Does Healthy Hips Australia Benefit Australia?

Recently we reached 6000 likes on Facebook, which is a fabulous milestone that reflects our ever growing hip community. That very day I was writing a grant application where one of the questions was, " How will your goal benefit Australia?". The goal I was seeking funding for is to implement a national hip dysplasia support and awareness program.


I decided to ask you, our community - "How does Healthy Hips Australia benefit Australia?" I was overwhelmed by your responses; thank you so much. These were just some of the replies:

Healthy Hips Australia benefits the country by providing an opportunity for those affected by hip dysplasia to have a voice. Those adults who are undergoing surgery and hip replacements at early age. Those mums who's newborn who has been newly diagnosed and are struggling with the simple tasks. And of course, everyone in between. Those who live in rural areas, and those who live metro. Healthy Hips Australia connects them all. With further funding HHA can do so much more! (Jemma)

Because of Healthy Hips more and more families are able to be informed and supported in hip dysplasia. It has made such a difference to us. We have been able to connect with so many others including locals and helped support each other. Sarah does incredible work. There is now even a swaddle for hip dysplasia. Just brilliant. It has made a huge difference in feeling empowered as new parents with a baby with hip dysplasia too. I love the committment and drive behind Healthy Hips Australia. It's authentic and genuine and a much needed resource for Australian families. (Joanna)

The Love To Dream Hip Harness Swaddles have been approved as Hip Wise.

Healthy Hips Australia has been great for providing not only support but information in a language that stressed out parents and carers can understand! Thanks for all the info! (Alana)

Healthy Hips Australia has made a huge difference with our journey. When we had our two boys Healthy Hips wasn’t around and we had no help understanding or support. This time with number 3 WOW what a difference. I can’t thank you enough!!!!   (Jacqui)

If I had known about Healthy Hips Australia when my daughter was born, I would have felt less overwhelmed by the diagnosis and what it meant for my new family. The support network alone that it provides is so reassuring. I am so glad that other parents have a reliable source to turn to. Even now that my daughter is no longer receiving treatment, I still find Healthy Hips Australia as a valuable resource. Keep up the great work!  (Vanessa)

A Healthy Hips Families Catch Up

Healthy hips Australia has been the one and only trusted support we have used and continue to refer to daily, as we navigate my daughters DDH journey! Thankyou for everything you do to allow this community of parents and carers come together and share their wisdom and support. (Laura-Kate)

With a litttle one who is waiting on confirmation as to whether or not she needs to go into a spica, HHA has been a wonderful source of information which has helped ease my anxiety of the unknown, allowed me to get an insight into what we will need and what we will go through and also to prepare questions for her specialist when we see them next. Further funding will aid HHA in Providing further support to more families . (Jolyne)

Healthy hips Australia has been so helpful and supportive for us since our daughter was diagnosed. The hospital didn't give us much information and there was very little support after the surgery about caring for a baby in a spica or brace. Healthy hips provided information I didn't even know I needed and support that was beyond amazing! (Jessie)

Baby in a Spica Cast


Healthy Hips offers support and information that the hospital did not provided me. It also provides contact with other families experiencing the same difficulties, affording a connectedness that is otherwise unobtainable. This has a direct impact on family mental health, which I would assume reduces postnatal depression issues for parents, and clearly allows kids in this situation to realise they are 'not alone'. Many thanks for all your work, Healthy Hips  (Emma)

Healthy Hips Australia has been a constant source of advice and support through my sons DDH journey. I would have been completely confused, overwhelmed and disheartened had I not had the support group avaliable to me, especially being a FTM with no previous family history of hip problems. With the knowledge, advice and peoples personal stories I can now walk in to an appointment informed and with questions to ask (should I need to) and know I'll have to support even after I leave the hospital appointment.Thank you for all the work you've done so far. (Alyce)

We knee very little about hip dysplasia prior to our daughter's diagnosis at 8 weeks. Healthy Hips Australia provided significant, quality resources and support to us that helped us immensely with both the practical help and emotional support that we needed. While our public health system has been fantastic, they are very stretched, and the resources of HHA helped immensely to fill the gaps. (Jess)

I have two daughters both have hip displaysia...the first time I had no idea about anything the doctors never really explained anything and I was to overwhelmed to know what to ask...the second time I am very informed...I wasnt aware of healthy hips australua with my first daughter but found the fb group at the start of our journey with our second...I only feel more informed the second time around due to the community support and shared information of healthy hips Australia. (Laura)

My hippy journey has been a really smooth transition due to the great info i learnt from Healthy Hips Australia. The greatest benefit i have gained from being involved with this organisation is the introduction to other families going through the same journey. It has been invaluable to be able to read everyone's stories. I havnt felt alone. It has been a great support network  (Ellen)

Healthy Hips Australia has been a wealth of information for our family - providing online support through their Facebook pages and also with posters/ information sheets when we saw our specialist for fittings!  (Sammy)

Healthy Hips Australia has been my #1 source for information and support following my son’s diagnosis with Hip Dysplasia, even above and beyond what the Women’s & Children’s Hospital has provided to us. (Laura)

Healthy hips has been our main resource and support. After been sent home after our first diagnosis our doctor recommended this page for extra resources and information. Then after been sent home from hospital with the “what now!” The support for all the other families with practical information of how to get through the day to day and knowing you are not alone has made the whole journey that much easier. (Michelle)

Healthy Hips Australia is the main source of practical information for parents with children receiving treatment for hip dysplasia. The medical side of hip dysplasia is one thing but there are hundreds of other hurdles that these families have to jump during their children's treatment and HHA is there to provide info and answers. The hospitals who treat these children don't go so far as to discuss clothing, car seat, pram options etc. The hospitals also don't provide emotional support, HHA does. (Jessica)

Megan and Hugo

Healthy Hips Australia has been our GO TO for support and advice in the almost 18 months since the diagnosis of our first son. The support Sarah has provided us along with all the other families who are going through or have been through a similar journey have made a difficult time that little bit easier. HHA has provided us with practical information and resources to enable our time spent dealing with hip dysplasia a much more pleasant one. I’d say 90% of the education I’ve received on DDH has come from HHA and the beautiful families I’ve been able to connect with. Thank you so much for all that you do and continue to do... we appreciate you oh so much!!! 💚💚 (Megan)

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Written: May 2018


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