Carseat options during hip dysplasia treatment

Carseat options during hip dysplasia treatment

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General Recommendations

  • A wide seat, shallow seat depth and no sides are ideal to accommodate most harnesses and braces (for babies and toddlers).
  • To promote health hip positioning there should be sufficient room to allow the legs to move into their natural frog-legged positon.
  • Frequent breaks, on longer car trips, may be needed from a comfort point of view during treatment.
  • Extend the straps to the full length as needed but ensure the belt still fastens properly and the straps aren’t loose.
  • A piece of foam or a small towel, folded behind the back can help if there is a gap due to the harness, brace or cast. This requires review and recommendation from a health professional as considered a modification to the car seat.
  • Depending on positioning, it may not be safe to secure your child using your existing car seat. Any form of modification to the carseat can impact on it’s safety rating. Speak to a qualified health professional about your child’s fit in their car seat. For further car seat safety guidelines please visit Kidsafe.

The following have been, reported, from other hip families, to work with a child during treatment for hip dysplasia:

Other brands:

  • Britax SNS B-First+ and SNS B-First
  • Britax Safe n Sound Millenia and older Meridian style
  • Britax Safe n Sound Max Rider
  • Safe n Sound Maxi Guard (version with no armrests)
  • Hipod Roma
  • Safety First Capsule
  • Maxi Cosi Complete Air
  • Maxi Cosi Titan Pro
  • Maxi Cosi Mico AP Capsule (suitable for infants 0-6mths only; use with harness/cast limited to petite babies)
  • Babylove Ezy Switch EP (new 2021 Ezy Switch looks to have higher sides)


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