Helen’s Hip Dysplasia Story



Emma is our first born and was an undiagnosed breech baby. She went through the routine checks at birth, she never had any clicks or uneven creases but further examination by ultrasound and x-ray showed mild hip dysplasia. Emma wore a Correctio harness full-time between 4 months and 8 months, then reduced to nights and naps until 12 months of age.

We were given the thumbs up to stop bracing at 12 months old. At 18 months, her review showed her hips had regressed but no treatment was recommended.

By 2 years old, Emma's angles and coverage were bad enough to require surgery. We were provided with information about the Salter Osteotomy procedure so we could prepare ourselves, and refitted a brace for nights and naps as a last ditch attempt to improve things.


We were warned that brace success at such a late age was unlikely but perservered for 6 months until Emma became master Houdini at removing the brace any which way we secured it!


At 2 and a half years old, Emma's angles had improved by over 7 degrees with better coverage as well. Surgery is off the cards for now.

Our next review is when Emma is 3 and a half years old. Our journey began in 2012, before any of the wonderful FB support groups and your excellent resources were available. It was a very overwhelming, confusing and lonely journey. You're doing a great job raising awareness, providing support and connecting families who need valuable advice while in those early stages. Keep it up!

(Written October 2015)

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