Other Hip Dysplasia Resources

We’ve compiled a list of other hip dysplasia resources to have at your fingertips. We know how time consuming it can be to find current, factual and useful hip dysplasia information when you need it most…now!





International Hip Dysplasia Institute – (IHDI) is a collaborative, international, not-for-profit effort to improve the health and quality of life of those affected by hip dysplasia.

STEPS – are a national UK charity supporting children and adults affected by a lower limb condition such as clubfoot or a hip condition.

Spica Warrior – a Uk based charitable trust with a mission is to provide up to date, easy to understand information about DDH and to engage with parents and professionals so it is no longer missed and marginalised.


Online Support Networks

There are a number of state/territory, national and international Facebook support groups, campaign/awareness groups, and pages. Search by hip dysplasia or DDH.



Hope the Hippo

The Parents’ Guide to Hip Dysplasia

Cast Life: A Parent’s Guide to DDH: Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip Explained

The Happy Hips Guide To Teen & Young Adult Hip Dysplasia

A Guide for Adults with Hip Dysplasia

Onward! Navigating Hip Dysplasia, PAO Surgery and Beyond




Australian Resources

The Royal Children’s Hospital, Kids Health Info, Fact Sheets;


Orthotics Computer Technology – West Australian Orthotist.

Fact sheets on the Correctio Harness, Pavlik Harness and Rhino Brace.

Orthokids – Melbourne Children’s Orthotic Specialists.

Fact sheets on the Pavlik Harness, and hip abduction braces – the denis browne bar (DBB) and Rhino brace.

Victorian Paediatric Orthopaedic Network (VPON).

Fact sheets on safe wrapping, brace treatment options and DDH overview.


TheSpica Chair / Table DYI Instructions (with thanks to Trent Heiner)

The Royal Children’s Hospital – Okee App

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Hip Friendly Businesses

Thanks to Taylah Tree, Starfish Babes and MJ Hippy Covers for their ongoing support of Healthy Hips Australia.





Other hippy businesses to check out:

Silver Lining Pavlik Harness Baby Clothing

Sunny and Lola ‘Clicky Kids’






This page is aimed to help people impacted by hip dysplasia, quickly find information and resources they may find helpful. Healthy Hips Australia has not received any money to include the businesses, products and resources listed on this page, ‘Other Hip Dysplasia Resources’.