Training for Childcare Providers

Hip dysplasia education and training: Childcare providers

  • Accommodating a child, undergoing treatment for hip dysplasia, in the childcare setting requires planning and good communication between the family and childcare provider(s). This ensures that the child's individual care needs are met. Healthy Hips Australia can assist in this process.
  • Knowing suitable play and equipment options enables children with hip dysplasia to be included in all aspects of indoor and outdoor play and activity.
  • Learning about the importance of healthy hip development for all children, the potential signs & symptoms of hip dysplasia and the risk factors that increase its likelihood will equip childcare providers to play a vital role in increasing hip dysplasia awareness and flagging potential cases for follow up.

Healthy Hips Australia offer hip dysplasia-specific education and training for childcare providers across Australia.

Sisters Ashlea and Ava showing off the braces they both once wore

Sisters Ashlea and Ava showing off the braces they both once wore

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of hip dysplasia
  • Preventative measures to ensure healthy hip development for all children
  • Types of treatments encountered and how to manage them in the childcare setting
  • Manual handling practices when caring for older children in casts
  • Consultation on hip dysplasia-friendly equipment (high chairs, car seats, prams, seating, play equipment and toys)
  • Leisure-activity ideas for children, aged 0-4, while undergoing treatment
  • Practical how-to for self care tasks that occur during childcare (nappy changes, clothing consideration, positioning when sleeping, swaddling technique)

Training methods:

  • Face-to-face
    • Individual
    • Group
  • Phone consultation / Skype
  • Webinars

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