Hip Wise Program

 Hip dysplasia isn’t life threatening, but it can certainly be life changing. Doesn’t it make sense to care for our hips, not just from birth, but always? Make a Hip Wise choice.

Hip Wise Products

The following products & services are our current Hip Wise partners:


The CS4313 series shells, currently;

Purebaby Tog 0.5 Sleeping Bag (PN005NSW)

This product is included in the NSW Baby Bundle given to parents and caregivers of every baby born from 1 January 2019 when discharged from hospital in NSW.


A number of the Kangatraining Australia trainers across Australia have been recognised as Hip Wise Kangatrainers. They have spent time learning, via online sessions with Healthy Hips Founder Sarah Twomey, about the day-to-day impact treatment can have on both the child and parent/caregiver, to enable them to better support hip families in their community. These trainers also advocate for hip health.

The following products & services are past Hip Wise partners:



Mission of the program

Hip Wise is an initiative of Healthy Hips Australia launched in April 2018.

The aim of this program is to aid consumers, especially all parents and parents-to-be, as well as older individuals’ livings with hip dysplasia, to make wiser choices about the products they select, and services they might engage with, with respect to healthy hip development and maintenance.

While the Hip Wise program and the products and services we approve do not claim to offer cures or treatment for hip dysplasia, we facilitate people make wiser choices, and take the hassle of finding treatment friendly products and services for those impacted by the condition.

To help people identify hip wise products and services, Hip Wise partners can use the Hip Wise symbol.

Aims of the program

The Hip Wise program has been developed to achieve the following:

  • Education Australians about the importance of healthy hip development.
  • Encourage manufacturers to produce products that are hip friendly and that could benefit people with hip dysplasia.
  • Provide people with a way of identifying products that are hip friendly, and also those that could benefit people with hip dysplasia.
  • Generate sponsorship funds to enable Healthy Hips Australia to continue our work in improving awareness, support and early diagnosis for hip dysplasia.

How the sponsorship fees are used

Healthy Hips Australia uses the sponsorship fees generated through the Hip Wise program to support our important work.

Our priorities include:

  • Providing reliable information, support and advice for people impacted by hip dysplasia and their families
  • Educating health professionals about the latest in hip dysplasia diagnosis and management
  • Raising awareness for hip dysplasia, its risk factors and potential signs and symptoms, amongst the general community to combat rising late diagnosis statistics

About joining

The Hip Wise program assists in the marketing of products and services which may benefit people with hip dysplasia, and those that reduce the risk of hip dysplasia. It is represented by a hip symbol to help consumers easily identify products and services that are deemed Hip Wise.

Currently up to 1 in 50 Australian babies are being treated for hip dysplasia; it is also the leading cause of hip arthritis in adults. Participation in the Hip Wise program is a valuable point of difference for your product or service.

The program is a product/service endorsement/sponsorship program. All approved products and services must satisfy our product advisory panel that they do not harm and may offer relative benefits to people with hip dysplasia. Approved products and services may be eligible to join the program subject to completion of a licensing agreement and payment of an annual license fee (on a partner basis, this fee is not less than $5,000). Some categories may be exclusive (or have limits) – this may prevent the admission of products/services into the program that would otherwise be acceptable. Exclusivity is at the discretion of Healthy Hips Australia.

Participation in the Hip Wise program does not represent that the product or service is the best or better than others in a category, simply that the product is acceptable and not harmful based on the evidence available.

Should you have a product/service you wish to present for consideration by our product advisory panel please contact us for further details via info@healthyhipsaustralia.org.au