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25 March 2019 - Let's Talk About Hips This April

1-7 April 2019 is Healthy Hips Week. 8 infants a day are diagnosed with hip dysplasia in Australia. Despite this, the likelihood of a parent being aware of the condition, prior to a diagnosis of it for their child, is only 57%.

Healthy Hips Week 2019 Media Release

Key Messages - Healthy Hips Week 2019


10 April 2018 - New initiative to help parents make Hip Wise Choices 

Healthy Hips Australia have launched their latest initiative, Hip Wise a community service program and are thrilled to announce Love To Dream as our first product partner.

Hip Wise Program Launch

8 April 2018 - Late diagnosis on the rise in WA, as hip condition goes undetected

Two year old Hugo has had 5 surgical procedures in the past 12-months and is one of this year's Faces of Healthy Hips Week 8-14 April 2018.

Healthy Hips Week 2018 Media Release


24 April 2017 - Missing hip fails to define young Australian man’s life

Swimmer Matt Ward, has joined us at Healthy Hips Australia as an ambassador just in time for Healthy Hips Week 2017.

Matt Ward Ambassador Media Release

19 April 2017 - One in every two Australians have not heard of common childhood condition until faced with diagnosis

Lead up to Healthy Hips Week 23-29 April 2017 used to reveal shocking findings about awareness for hip dysplasia in the community.

Healthy Hips Week 2017 Media Release